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Guitar repairs and setup in stoke on trent

Here at Staffordshire Music Hub we have an in house guitar tech offering same day guitar servicing and guitar repairs.

For all enquiries please text / call Chris – 07470336621

Professional Guitar Technician Stoke On Trent

Chris is a professional musician of over 20 years of touring and working in the music industry.

He became skilled at guitar repair and maintainence during this time and was also the Gutar Tech and Logistics Manager at The Academy of Sound / Music Store Pro which was the biggest music shop in Staffordshire at the time.

Chris is now a valued member here at Staffordshire Music Hub, where we aim to have all things musical in one easily accessible location.

Please feel free to call into the hub for a coffee and a look around.

Our service centre and shop opening hours are:

  • Weekdays 11am – 4pm
  • Saturday 10am – 4pm
  • Sunday Closed.

String Change/Clean Pricing

Single String Change

Full String Change (no cleaning)

Full string change (inc Cleaning) Classical

Full Set up + Deep Clean (Electric / Acoustic)

Full Set up + Deep Clean (Floyd Rose)

Full Set up + Deep Clean (Bigsby)

Full Set Up includes:

  • Foam clean whole guitar, polish body / chrome parts
  • Clean and lemon oil fretboard (not maple fretboards)
  • Action, intonation, truss rod, tighten any loose parts
  • Check wiring / pots / jack input *String change / Tune up, final buff

Electronics Maintenance Pricing

Standard jack replacement (includes part)

Barrel jack replacement 

Re-soldering existing parts

Standard 250/500K Pot replacement (part included)

Replace toggle switch (Part included)

Pick Up Change Pricing

Pick up change – passive (wiring)

Pick up change – active (wiring) 

Guitar Spares / General Maintenance pricing

Replacement Bridge (Acoustic) 

Replacement Nut – (Electric / Acoustic)

Strap Button fitting (per strap button)

Strap Button fitting (per strap button)

Scratch plate change (labour only Strat style)

Replacement machine heads (from £10 each fitted) depending on style

banjo/maondolin & ukulele  Maintenance pricing

Full Set up + Clean (Banjo / Mandolin etc.) 

Restring (Ukulele)

For all guitar maintenance enquiries