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One to One Professional Music Tuition
We are seasoned industry musicians with 40 years combined experience, specialising in Rockschool grades 1-8.
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Owner - Senior Drum Teacher

With 20 years experience behind the drums and 15 years working as an educator and a professional musician, Ash is here to tailor your lesson to you. wether its working through your grades, learning a different style, working on your technique, or just learning your favourite song.

Max Ryles

Max Ryles

Bass / Guitar Teacher

Max had 11 years in the music industry, he has been touring the uk for the last 5 years with his band Silverchild. Some of Max’s influences come from the likes of victor Wooten, Hendrix, David Guilmore, Flea, and Geddy Lee. Max has a passion for teaching that is second to none!
Alex Bradbury

Alex Bradbury

Senior Piano Teacher

Alex Bradbury started playing piano at age 6.  Studied Music in Bournemouth before returning to his home town of Stafford. Alex has been working with SEN/ASD for the last 12 years taking both private students 1:1 in Stafford and delivering workshops/sessions countywide.  Alex is currently working with Landau, a day opportunity enterprise in Stoke on Trent. Alex is a positive and enthusiastic individual and his love for music is infectious making him in great demand.

Kane Redfern

Kane Redfern

Guitar Tutor

Kane has been playing the guitar for 14 years. First showing interest at the age of 12, he eagerly picked up the instrument and quickly started to develop his own sound and playing style.

Naturally left-handed, Kane opted to play right-handed and proceeded to develop his craft, building his hand technique and spending countless hours practising and perfecting his sound.

Citing influences from players such as Paul Gilbert, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani and Guthrie Govan, Kane’s style is firmly rooted in guitar-driven music.

Kane studied music academically, at school and later in college. Excelling in both, he then studied composition, began teaching and also performed studio session work and released 2 EPs.

Kane spent 5 years as the Head of Guitars at The Academy of Sound in Hanley with Chris Poole, who is now the Manager of the music shop here at Staffordshire Music Hub. It was during this time that he gained a plethora of knowledge concerning the guitar itself, regarding pickups, strings, hardware as well as pedals and amplifiers. Kane and Chris perform together in the corporate band, Legends of Sound.



Saxophone & Clarinet Tutor

Luke started learning the clarinet at age 6. Progressing through the grades and earning a distinction at grade 8, it was at this point that he began studying the tenor saxophone.

Feeling immediately at home on the instrument, Luke decided to pursue further music study, enrolling at Leeds Conservatoire on the Jazz performance course.

He graduated last year with a first class degree, and is currently finishing his masters degree at the conservatoire.

Luke has extensive experience gigging on the Leeds jazz scene, and is currently performing with his quintet at Jazz venues across the city.

Luke specialises in Jazz and improvisation, and is passionate about all kinds of music, catering his lessons to help students pursue their musical interests.

He is currently offering lessons in Tenor and Alto Sax, as well as clarinet.